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In Restaurants industries, The Biggest challenges are order entry management, recipe costing, track & documentation of its perishable inventory, because restaurants are the, must fastest industry where every customer are in a hurry they want their order and billing should be faster. The major problem is the adjustment of different menus & prices with respect to different time. A R Software Pvt Ltd has solved all the problems related to the restaurant management and billing systems by developing its Vesture Restaurant Management Software which helps in maintaining all the billing and managing facilities different menus with different price list for different times of particular day, it’s also providing the different modes of payments which made billing easier and more convenient for you and your customers. Managing a restaurant involve keeping track of orders, customers who are in waiting, table management, managing the service staff, billing and also ensuring that there are no unnecessary obstructions in order processing. On top of this, processing and maintaining, bills and customer information also is necessary! In such a case, employing a good Restaurant Management Software suite that takes care of all the facets of the business is important and this is where Vesture Restaurant POS comes into the picture.  

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